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Submacular Surgery.

Subretinal neovascularization is a term used to describe the growth of abnormal blood vessels and scar tissue under the macula. These vessels grow for a variety of reasons, especially macular degeneration as well as certain types of inflammations. The vessels can leak fluid, bleed, and cause a scar, and all of these changes can cause loss of central or detail vision. Laser treatment may be possible for subretinal neovascularization.

Submacular Surgery Image.

When laser treatment is not helpful or cannot be done, vitrectomy surgery can be done to remove the subretinal neovascularization and scar tissue as well as blood from under the retina.

Special instruments are placed through a surgically created retinal hole to grasp, pull-on, and remove the subretinal neovascularization. In eyes with a great deal of blood under the retina, a drug may be placed under the retina to liquify the blood clot before it is removed. After this a gas bubble is placed in the eye and the retinal hole may then be treated with laser. The patient is then required to remain in a facedown position following surgery so that the gas bubble in the eye can hold the retina in place while laser treatment creates a permanent seal.

It has not been determined whether submacular surgery is truly helpful to preserve vision. Your surgeon will discuss with you whether this surgery may possibly be helpful for your particular problem.


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