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Other Types Of Glaucoma.

Occludable Angle Glaucoma

This is a situation where the angle is very narrow but not closed. However, because an anatomic abnormality is present there is the chance of occluding the angle and developing angle closure glaucoma. In some cases laser peripheral iridectomy will be recommended to prevent acute angle closure glaucoma.

Mixed Mechanism Glaucoma

In some individuals "partial" attacks of acute angle closure glaucoma can occur in the presence of chronic open angle glaucoma. In this situation it will be necessary to treat with antiglaucoma medications as well possible laser iridectomy.

Inflammatory Glaucoma

In some individuals inflammation inside the eye can cause swelling of the trabecular meshwork. There is loss of drainage capacity causing the pressure to rise inside the eye. This type of glaucoma will frequently resolve when the underlying cause of the inflammation is treated.

Medication As A Cause Of Glaucoma

There are some medications that can cause glaucoma. Steroid eye drops are frequently associated with elevation in pressure inside the eye. These drops should not be used without a doctor's supervision. Chronic use of hay fever medications can cause glaucoma in susceptible individuals but short term seasonal use rarely causes problems.


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