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* Laser Surgery For Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy (PDR)

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* FAQ's About Vitrectomy Surgery For PDR

Early Diagnosis of NPDR.

It is important that patients be aware of what they are seeing with each eye. If a patient can detect a problem with vision very early, the chance of saving eyesight with laser surgery is much greater. Once the macula has been damaged, laser surgery is generally not as helpful. For this reason, everyone should test the vision in each eye, separately, each day.

Amsler Grid Test.

One way to test vision in order to detect even small changes when they first appear is to use the amsler grid. Follow these instructions:

  1. Wear your reading glasses and hold the Amsler grid at a normal reading distance.
  2. Cover one eye.
  3. Look at the center dot and keep looking at it at all times.
  4. While looking directly at the center, be sure that all the lines are straight and all the small squares are the same size.
  5. If you should notice any changes on the grid such as distortion, blur, discoloration, or other abnormality, and it stays that way for a few days, call and see your eye doctor right away.
  6. Be sure to test the other eye in the same manner.


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