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Symptoms and Diagnosis.

Diagnosing Cataract

The most common symptom of cataract formation is the blurred vision. The greater the cataract the more blurred the vision will be.

Often times there is the presence of double vision. There is often a sense that things appear to have a yellow discoloration. Color confusion can occur, especially for dark colors such as dark green, dark blue or black. At night time lights will frequently appear to have halos around them or appear as starbursts. Nightime driving becomes difficult because of diminished vision associated with glare from overhead street lights, traffic control lights or lights from other vehicular traffic. The problems associated with glare can become quite disabling. Printed material that is of low contrast to its background can become very difficult to read as the cataract progresses. As the cataract progresses changes in spectacle correction occur requiring the frequent fitting of new glasses. Eventually new spectacles no longer help and cataract surgery then needs to be considered.

About one third of all individuals over 65 years of age will have some degree of cataract present. There is no way to prevent cataract formation in the aging process. However, the process can be delayed by having adequate nutrition and reducing the amount of exposure to ultraviolet radiation from sources such as sunlight. Reduction in exposure to ultraviolet radiation can be achieved by wearing glasses that filter out the harmful ultraviolet rays. And in cases of diabetes mellitus good control of blood sugar can retard the formation of cataracts.

Cataracts should be removed when they begin to interfere with normal daily functions such as reading, watching TV, drving or recreational activities. Your eye doctor can counsel you about the risks and benefits of cataract surgery and he can provide you with information to help you decide when the time is right for you to undergo cataract surgery.


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