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What is a Cataract.


Definition Of A Cataract

The strictest definition of a cataract is described as any opacity in the visual axis. Most commonly, though, a cataract is understood to be an opacity of the natural lens of the eye.

Normal Lens.

A cataract can occur in any location within the lens. The front, middle, back or to the side. When the opacity occurs in the center of the lens then clouding of vision will occur.

Cataractous Lens.

Cataracts can occur at any age but are most commonly found in older adults and are called age related cataracts. They can occur in infants because of infection, metabolic imbalance or a developmental abnormality. The tendency for cataract formation can be inherited. Cataracts can be the result of eye trauma or exposure to ultraviolet light. They are frequently associated with diabetes mellitus and the use of certain types of medications. Your eye doctor can discuss specific medications with you.


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